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Quite popular nowadays, e-cigarettes are making headlines left and right. A recent appearance by Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher on the Today Show made waves in the media. Throughout her interview, the actress was seen puffing tirelessly on her e-cig under the watchful eye of TV host Ann Curry and another 9 million viewers. Ann Curry Started off telling the Princess Leia actress “Good morning and you’re smoking!” while Fisher could be seen vaping away.

The witty actress is one of many celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jonesand Katherine Heigl who have joined the e-cigarette club and aren’t afraid to show it. Because after all, aren’t e-cigs a step up from cigarettes? Quite a few A-listers seem to think so. Zeta Jones switched to e-cigs earlier this year and is intent on getting her family and friends to try them too. We hear she’s actually planning on gifting starter kits to her loved ones this Christmas.

Not shy about being seen in public using the devices, celebrities have been spotted out and about, vaping at restaurants, cafes, clubs, swanky parties and just about any place where e-cigs are allowed. Here’s a lists of some celebrities seen using electronic cigarettes:

  • Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Britney Spears

  • Charlie Sheen

  • Johnny Depp

  • Kevin Federline

  • Catherine Zeta Jones

  • Katherine Heigl

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Kevin Connoly

  • J-Wow

  • Kevin Federline

  • Nikki Reed

  • Ashley Greene

  • Kate Moss

  • Catherine Deneuve

  • Snooky

  • Jose Canseco

  • Paris Hilton

With their increasing popularity, e-cigarettes are quickly becoming the new “It” thing to have for all those who enjoy smoking. Celebrities using e-cigarettes are so happy with the devices that they want those around them to try them. With Christmas right around the corner, it appears that e-cigs are a popular stocking stuffer for this holiday season.

Celebrities are often considered role models for the general public.

This year, countless celebrities have switched from analogs to e-cigs and are quite enthusiastic about the product; just take a cue from Katherine Heigl on the David Letterman Show or Carrie Fisher on the Today Show! In 2012, we’re sure to see plenty of new famous faces using the popular devices because many celebs will find an e-cig in their stocking this Christmas and just like us, they’ll love them too!

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